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Meet Robin

Science based, Force-Free, Choice/Reward Dog and Puppy Training

Robin is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT), educated in the Science of Dog Training and Learning Theory.  She believes that teaching force-free, positively reinforced methods that are science based, provide clarity and confidence for your dog and you.  She is committed to making your dog’s learning time fun and informative.

Robin believes that foundation learning using games, sets your dog up for a brilliant future.  She is an experienced and patient teacher, ready to help you work through each lesson.  She is a lifelong learner of dog education using science based methods.  Robin is continually educating herself by attending regular seminars and workshops to advance her own learning through research and study.  It truly is a lifelong journey!

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Robin lives on a small farm in Maple Valley, Washington with her three Border Collies, Gem, Slip and Fergus as well as a small flock of sheep. She has been seriously training and competing with her dogs for over 40 years in Obedience, Agility and Rally.  She has won many US National Agility titles with her dogs over the years and has competed at Cynosports International Agility competitions as well as earning wins at Canadian Regional and National Agility events. Robin also dabbles in some sheepherding with two of her Border Collies. Her passions are dog behavior and helping others to understand “Dog Thinking”.

In addition to her many years with dogs, Robin has 40+ years of riding, training and competing with her horses.  She specialized in Dressage and has trained to the Grand Prix level with her Lipizzan, Bonadira, winning many National events in the Mid-West and earning her several National Breed Awards.   She is well schooled in the art of “Haute Ecole” (High School), otherwise known as “circus tricks”.  She has put on many seminars, workshops, educational demos and musical freestyle exhibitions all over the Mid-West at many large expos.  Robin has worked with the Detroit Mounted Police Division and their horses. Helping them to help their horses work calmly in stressful environments.  She has also worked with students and horses at Medieval Times in Chicago, developing clearer “Haute Ecole” skills to finesse and bring brilliance to their nightly shows.

Robin believes that her many years of working with all the wonderful horses in her life has made her the dog trainer she is today.  She has always strived to keep in mind that while working with any animal, breaking behaviors down into small pieces and layers of learning, has made it possible to always provide clarity and build confidence in her learners and the people attached to them.


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