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Gait Analysis

Over the course of the summer, a huge focus for me has been teaching people about gait analysis.  This is something I always do one-on-one with clients but noticed a desire from the general public to know more.  I have been so impressed with the amount of people who have grasped the concept and put […]

Don’t Stop the Growl or You Might Just Get the Bite!

Last month we talked about reading your dog’s T.E.M.P. I have a chart below that I want to share with all of you so that you can practice reading your dog and maybe other dogs as well. Signs Your Dog is Afraid or Uncomfortable T E M P S Tail Eyes/Ears Mouth Posture Sounds Tail […]

Can You Do It in a Box?

Can You Do It in a Box? We all remember Dr. Seuss and his fabulous books.  Green Eggs & Ham is one I refer to very frequently when it comes to dog training and with my students. Let’s look at a simple behavior like “Sit”.  It’s something most of us will teach our dogs to […]

Dogs that “DO!”

Dogs that “DO!” Last month I wrote about ‘Dogs Don’t Understand Don’t’.  This month is about changing your mindset about Science Based, Reward/Choice training for your dog. Is there a dog training frustration you would love to change?  Something that you think your dog will never “get”? Please consider what it would look like if […]

Dogs Don’t Understand “Don’t”

Dogs Don’t Understand “DON’T!” Dogs don’t understand “Don’t” because don’t is a human concept. A more successful approach, one that is not conceptual but absolute, would be from a place of “DO”! DO, is teaching our dogs what it is that we want them to DO, instead of focusing on what we “don’t”. Rather than […]


Throughout my years with dogs and dog training, I see so many people with newpuppies that just don’t know what’s okay and what’s not okay to do for theirpuppies’ exercise. Many think it’s cute to see a puppy get the “zoomies” and runaround jumping from thing to thing. It may be cute but it’s not […]

ABC’s of Dog Training

The ABC’s of Dog Training I recently wrote an article for the Maple Valley Neighborhood Magazine. The publisher sent me a PDF version of the article so I could share it with all of you! Click Here 👉 ABC’s of Dog Training Article



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